There is a dutiful son in front of a long illness bed--Recording the deeds of Liao Weijie, an employee of Chongqing Base

2018-08-08 11:00:30 sane 12


Liao Weijie, Minister of Purchasing Department of Chongqing Base. To say "filial piety", he can really claim to be a "big filial son" who is dedicated and veritable. In more than 400 days and nights, he carefully cared for the vegetative mother.

  Liao Weijie's mother is 72 years old this year. On December 3, 2014, her mother living alone in the country accidentally fell into a sudden old blood clot. She became a vegetative person due to the failure of surgery. She continued to live by stomach tube injection. Taking care of a vegetative person can sum up the words "difficult, tired, bitter, and painful" in four words. He started to get rid of the darkness. Under his careful care, his mother has not had a long acne.

  Caring for a completely unconscious vegetative person is trivial and complicated, plus it is his mother, and there is more pain. Feeding meals is also a big problem for three meals a day. Because the patient is under the stomach tube, it is necessary to use a needle tube to inject the fluid food a little bit. This is a kind of effort. If the hand is small, it is impossible to complete this task, but he has to repeat the process three meals a day. During this period, I have to feed a lot of water, feed medicine, turn over regularly, change urine bags, etc. This is what he must do every day, and he is also a day of life, but this is only part of it, because there is still work.

Liao Weijie maintains a balance for his mother's nutrition. In addition to rice noodles in his liquid food, he also adds various vegetable juices and nutritional powders. He has to crush all the foods, then mix them together and process them into His mother's special food. He is like a high-speed machine, can't stop, his time is no longer his own. It is very common for others to go out to travel, but it is only a luxury for him. He has no holidays, from his mother's hospital to picking up the country home. He is tired of shaving after he has done his duty every day. I went back to the country to accompany my mother, and some of them were exhausted and hardworking. If his mother did not become a vegetative person, he would be touched by his filial piety.

Due to long-term physical overdraft and lack of sleep, he was a lot older. Colleagues, relatives and friends saw him saying that his change was too big. He was not 50 years old and half of his hair was already white.

  The “filial piety” culture is one of the core cultures of the Sanye Group. General Manager Ye Zonglun said: The Chongqing base is willing to be the leader in spreading Chinese traditional culture, and together with many enterprises, spread the filial piety culture and promote the harmonious development of society. The company's first consideration for new employees is whether there is filial piety. Even people who are not filial to their parents, how can they make friends, how can they bring good employees, and even those who are not cared for by their own brothers and sisters can care for their employees. Since the establishment of the base, the company will send warm blessings and birthday gifts to parents' birthdays of employees over 60 years old. Every year, the parents will be given gifts for their parents, so that the employees and employees can feel the care of the company and do their best. My job is to make the filial piety culture and the company develop together.

Since December 2015, the general manager of the base Ye Zonglun has considered the specific situation of Liao Weijie, and he has to take full care of his mother and give special policies, no attendance, no punching, and at the same time reduce the workload.

  "Baishan filial piety is the first", Liao Weijie used his actual actions to interpret the traditional virtue of "filial piety" and explained the true meaning of the word "filial piety".

On March 5, 2016, the company's general manager assistant and branch secretary went to the countryside to visit Liao Weijie's mother.