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Our business is centered on finance, real estate, furniture, gardens, property and other industries; we are working hard to surpass ourselves, innovate in the spirit of challengers, and continue to deepen our expertise; we provide excellent products and services to our customers!

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Sane is a group company based on furniture manufacturing and diversified development.We care about low-carbon businesses and social good, and many of our subsidiaries are actively involved in welfare.



Sane Group is a furniture manufacturing industry based on smart city and pan-financial integration. It combines equity investment fund management, international trade, real estate development, furniture R&D and manufacturing, e-commerce, and landscape greening. A diversified group company that integrates engineering.

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Shenzhen Haigaolun completed the registration of the “Private Fund Manager”

 集团全资子公司深圳市海高伦股权投资基金管理有限公司,于2015年4月29日在中国证券投资基金业协会完成私募股权投资基金管理人登记,获得中国证券投资基金业协会颁发的《私募投资基金管理人登记证书》,登记编号:P1011299。成为开展私募证券投资、股权投资、创业投资等私募基金业务的金融机构。        &n

Chengdu Furniture Company successfully held the 2016 Summer New Product Launch Conference [Home Furnishings]

  On June 27th, the Sanye Furniture 2016 Summer New Product Launch Conference was officially opened. As the brand leader of China's mass fashion furniture industry, Sanye Home, after careful prepa

Chengdu Sanye home original product quality display [home plate]

            Sanye Home attaches great importance to the quality, safety, health and environmental protection of product production, and has passed ISO9001:2000 international q

There is a dutiful son in front of a long illness bed--Recording the deeds of Liao Weijie, an employee of Chongqing Base

  廖卫杰,重庆基地采购部部长。要说“孝”他可真的称的上是一个尽心尽力、名副其实的“大孝子”,在400多过日日夜夜,他细心照料着植物人母亲。  廖卫杰的母亲今年已经72 高龄,2014年12月3日,独自住在乡下的母亲不慎跌跤突发老血栓,因手术失败而成了植物人,每天靠胃管注射流食维持生命。照顾一位植物人,可以用四个字来概括“难、累、苦、痛”,他起早贪黑,在他的精心照料下

Recruitment - furniture craft structure designer

(一)招聘人数:3人(二)岗位职责:  1、负责产品外观设计向工艺结构设计转化的落地工作。2、负责完成产品的功能结构和实体模型的设计方案。3、负责编制和撰写加工图、工艺文件等设计成果文件;4、负责研究消费者生活习惯和产品使用习惯,挖掘产品使用痛点,对新产品概念和原型进行评估改进;5、参与行业市场、品牌与用户的调研、分析;了解最新产品动向,收集产品设计图片资料等,分析行业产品设计

Recruitment - Software (Sofa) Appearance Designer

(一)招聘人数:3人(二)岗位职责:  1、负责用户研究、软体产品创意研发及产品创意落地工作。2、负责完成软体产品的外观(功能)和实体模型的设计方案。3、负责编制和撰写加工图、工艺文件等设计成果文件;4、负责研究消费者生活习惯和产品使用习惯,挖掘产品使用痛点,对新产品概念和原型进行评估;5、定期参观展会、家居卖场,及时收集和掌握行业产品设计的最新讯息;6、参与行业市场、品牌与用

Recruitment - Furniture (Plate) Appearance Designer

(一)招聘人数:3人(二)岗位职责:  1、负责用户研究、产品创意规划及产品创意落地工作。2、负责完成产品的外观(功能)和实体模型的设计方案。3、负责编制和撰写加工图、工艺文件等设计成果文件;4、负责研究消费者生活习惯和产品使用习惯,挖掘产品使用痛点,对新产品概念和原型进行评估;5、定期参观展会、家居卖场,及时收集和掌握行业产品设计的最新讯息;6、参与行业市场、品牌与用户的调研

Recruitment - custom furniture design (resident)

(一)招聘人数:6人(二)工作内容:   定制家具需求客户的开发确认,根据户型及客户要求完成设计方案。(三)专业要求:1、艺术设计类、工业设计类、美术创作类等专业,中专及以上学历。   2、熟练使用3DMAX、CAD、PS、Rhion等设计建模软件,能独立或协助完成家具设计方案,三观端正,为人忠诚。   (四)薪酬待遇  1、转正工资:底薪3000 + 业务提成。(五


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